Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving through the alphabet

This year as our November thanksgiving emphasis I decided that we would go through the alphabet listing things we are thankful for corresponding with each letter. It is good to at least take one period of time and list things we are thankful for.

Here is the list of things that we have compiled.

A -  aunts, airplanes without them we would not have travelled as far this year, AWANA, Apple Computer, the Apostles Creed.

B - ball, baby, bus, books, butter (that must have come from Miss K, did I ever tell you about the stick of butter with tooth prints which matched her mouth, ballet (that is another Miss K love), bags (I love bags for organizing), and me cause I am a double B.

C - cousins, coffee, candy/chocolate, Chinese Food

Enjoying Chinese noodles for breakfast. 

Peking Duck

D - daddy, division problems (I didn't really think that anyone in our family would say thats), doctors including daddy who had his D.Min

E - eggs, energy, electricity, England

F - family, friends, flute, food

G - grapes, grandparents

H - heart, house (even if it is just a place to stay these feel months), hobbies, my side of the family

I - ice cream, ice cubes, iPad, Island Air

J - Bob that is code for J, our friends the J family

K - Miss K, knights, kids, Keurig (see coffee above), kitchen it is equipped with everything we need

L - laughter, lettuce, life, latte, lentils

M - mama, moon, morning (I love the reminder that God's faithfulness is new every morning),

N - nuts, naps (I don't know who takes them around here, I would love to but that doesn't happen),

O - oxygen, outside, oranges, Odyssey

Q - quilts, the Queen

R - roads, rainbow, red, roses, rain, root beer

S - Stuart, soup, soap, Singapore, Switzerland, Southwest (we flew Southwest back to the Northewest in September), Sheffield, soccer

T - tractor (Miss K was just listing all the words that she knew that began with each letter) turkeys, Trader Joe's (that is my closest grocery store), tea, toffee

U - uncles, umbrellas (after all we live in the Northwest), upstairs

V - Value Village (one of my favorite thrift stores), visa which we are praying we receive soon, vitamins, vet (we have no pets and have never been to the vet but we are still thankful for them), vase (I need something to put roses in), vegetables

X - Xander, x-rays

Y - yogurt, YogurtLand, yarn, yard

Z - zippers, and Zach and all the cousins

It has been a year full of transitions and things that we didn't plan but in all that we know that God is good and we have much to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving from our family.

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  1. I love the alphabetical way of listing things. Maybe I'll do that next year. The butter story made me smile.

    1. This was easy for us. I thought about a tree but didn't have leaves and didn't want to cut them.

  2. Hope you are having a lovely Thanksgiving!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! My Emily loves butter too.

  4. That butter story is cute =) I remember LOVING 'butter sandwiches' when I was a kid with LOADS of butter (after that kick, it was 'mayo sandwiches'), I'm surprised I'm not on high cholesterol meds!! =)



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