Saturday, November 16, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up - November 15, 2013

My husband was out of town all week. He left in time to avoid all the germs we had which resulted in those of us here being sick and coughing all week. Being sick did put a damper on our week. I figure we got more school done than if they were going to school.

Bob is us Christian Kids Explore Physics and one of the activities was to make atomic models from Styrofoam balls or clay. We had some clay and so we made them.

Then the next day I made atomic model pancakes.

That was a special treat because we normal rotate between eggs and oatmeal. The kids said they tasted as good as Grandma's. One of grandma's specialties is pancakes. When we were growing up, we got plain pancakes once a week or so but now the grandkids get pancakes with chocolate chips.

That was part of trying to make school a bit more fun.

I can't say that this was our best week of school. We continued on and I think some weeks that is worth it.

I can't believe we are halfway through November already. In fact I didn't think that today was the 15th. I thought that was next week and so we went to swim team today and then realized that it is this week that Friday practice was moved to Saturday. We could have had a morning at home without an interruption. Oh well, we will go back tomorrow.

Miss K continues to ask for breaks. She also wants to do school backwards but I don't know what is backwards and forwards for her. I have a four week trial for Reading Eggs. She is enjoying that. I think some of the challenge is working on the trackpad on my computer. We will try it for four weeks and then decide.

Miss K's sight word reading is amazing. I just order 1,000 most commonly used words from Little Giant Steps. I want to spend some time this weekend reviewing this and putting a plan together on how we can use this.

I am thankful that we have another week next week. I want to spend some time this weekend planning. I had expectations of what Bob could do and I am needing to adjust them and do a bit of planning this weekend.

Bob has a piano recital tomorrow. I have a feeling that Miss K thinks she has one as well.

That wraps up this week.

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  1. We've had sniffling and coughing here as well, guess it's just going around right now. Christian Kids Explore Physics sounds fun - love the pancakes!



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