Saturday, November 9, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up - November 8, 2013

I can't think of a title for this week. In some ways it was just another week of trying to figure out what I am doing. Don't tell the kids I don't know what I am doing; I don't want them to know that little secret. Now to sit back and think, "what did we do this week?"

We are back to reading history. We read about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and then Justinian and Theodora. Reading about Justinian and Theodora meant that I needed to find my Istanbul photos.

We had a short three day layover there as we were on our way to Ukraine. We arrived early on a Friday morning and packed as much as we could into three days.

 Miss K was so little. Okay, she was four at that time. Istanbul is full of cats or it was when we were there. Miss K loved the cats.

Here is a photo from inside. Amazing to realize that this was built in 537 A.D.

This is some of the mosaics that were there.

 Okay, back to this week. We didn't get as much done this week as we had planned. Bob had the opportunity to go with daddy on a road trip.

We are continuing with Latin. We finished Lesson 3 in Latina Christiana and since I am trying to be a bit more fun which at times can be hard for me we played Latin Charades. I put the majority of the words from the first three lessons on cards. Words like porto, lauro, paro, clamo, and others.

I am still working to figure out how to give Bob confidence in math. I think next week I am going to look at doing more hands on type things with him.

Tomorrow is his last soccer game, Go Tigers. I am glad that he had the opportunity to play on this team it has been a good team with a great coach. It will be nice to have two evenings where we are not rushing to get to practice.

Today we took daddy to the airport and it didn't make sense to go home and then go back to the pool so we did Starbucks school. We have bags from LL Bean that we can put our books in.

Living in transition has been hard at times. We have limited personal things here. Miss K found a box and made a puppet show. I was impressed that she thought of that herself.

Bob has been making bows and arrows from bamboo. Bob did remark that they have become creative the past few days. I think that is a good things.

Bob cooked dinner tonight. He wanted Fettuccine Alfredo. I found my recipe online and so he could use the recipe we know and like.

Last night I got a bit of time to run some errands and so it was a quick to the thrift store. I found a few books and a new purse. I was using one that someone had given me and it was always falling off my shoulder. I found one that I liked. My husband thought it looked like University of Texas -- hook 'em horns. I liked the price and thought it was something a big different. I also found a cute little navy purse. I am debating giving it to my niece for Christmas.

My husband left this morning for Asia. He is meeting with a number of people from our team. We are praying that they have a productive week as they look at what we need to do next. That means that meals will be what we can find and make easily.

We have begun our giving thanks through the alphabet. I will post our list later this month.

That is about all for this week.

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  1. Going to the thrift store is the most relaxing thing for me (provided I'm alone). I usually can't spend much money, but it is fun to bargain hunt and see how God provides amazingly through my careful hunting. Everything but our socks and underwear come from thrift stores (and sometimes our shoes), but really, we're usually dressed pretty well.

    I am praying for you right now as you fly solo this week. And yeah to the sixth graders making dinner! Mine likes to dabble in the kitchen as well.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Hard to believe there are buildings that old- especially when we consider monuments and things here in North America as "old"!



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