Friday, November 1, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up - Continuing Along

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you look back and wonder what you did? The days seem to run together and some of that is it seems we are running all the time. I think we had one of those weeks.

Monday was my birthday. We went out for lunch to celebrate. That was the first time we have eaten out in a month. We then went to friends for dinner. We played Settlers of Catan. I won the first game in about 25 minutes. The second game was a bit longer and I did not win.

We paid on Tuesday for being out late on Monday. My kids do best with a schedule and going to bed on time.

Wednesday was co-op. I think the kids are enjoying it. I can see the advantages and also see some disadvantages.

Thursday we celebrated Reformation Day and we were able to get most of the schoolwork done. We had our bridges class that evening. (Look for more about that later.)

Bob beginning to assemble his bridge.

I find it hard to begin school and then stop and then finish later. Friday we have swim team at 10:15 to 11:30 so we don't get much done before we leave and it seems difficult to get into things when we get home.

Last week I mentioned that we had paused in history to spend some time in the Middle Ages. I was trying to add some fun to our days and enjoy it a bit more. We talked this week about Apprentice, Journeyman, and Guild as well as the church.

The kids decided what occupation they wanted to be in the Middle Ages. Miss K wanted to be a baker so her sign was a loaf of bread.

Bob decided he wanted to be a blacksmith. We did read in one of our Middle Ages books that Blacksmiths were some of the most important occupations in the Middle Ages.

We are continuing to work together on Latin and Geography. I would love for Bob to be a bit more independent but I am not sure my desire matches with the ability. I need some time this weekend to think about how I should structure our school time.

Bob continues to struggle with math and that is making me pause. I have done Khan Academy and am having him work on that each day.

MIss K continues to love ballet and loves her Wednesday ballet class at co-op. She is currently dancing and practicing to her Garden Ballet DVD's.

I am looking forward to a morning out with a friend. We are heading downtown to the market and might wander and find some thrift stores.

That wraps up our week here. Praying that the weekend will give us the refreshment and some wisdom for next week.

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  1. Getting back into school groove is very hard after coming home from an event or an appointment, I agree. I do not sign us up for anything but AWANA (Sun. night) because we have medical appointments often on Wednesdays between Beth's various arthritis issues, and Peter's OCD and ADHD. With three kids to formally teach now, we need to be home as much as possible. We all seem to need down time and we all hate running around, but I know families full of extroverts find it hard to be home a lot. Each family is so unique, and what drains one family energizes another.

    I know you'll find a good daily groove with the Holy Spirit's help. And I'm still praying those visas come well ahead of Christmas, so you can be settled with all your boxes unpacked, hopefully. Or maybe if the shipping of your household items will take awhile, it would be better to move after Christmas? Or maybe they provide all the household items?

    Loved your ideas for Reformation Day. You have such good instincts!

    I had to laugh at the "Bob" name because my kids always ask why I don't use our real names on the blog. They would rather use their real ones, but I don't want any personal information online about them, for their own safety and privacy, even though they don't understand that issue yet.

    I have been reading about the Common Core curriculum and a little about the database that goes with that and it's scary how much tracking they will do on American public-schooled kids. It is unclear whether private-schoolers and homeschoolers will be included at some point. I want Peter to be able to obtain jobs and get into schools without the labels following him. The labels help me understand him and meet his needs better, but I don't want him defined by them on paper or otherwise.

    Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Forgot to say something: Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday Dear Beth, Happy Birthday to you!



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