Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Week in Review - January 31,2014

It is hard to believe it is the end of January. Happy New Year. We did celebrated Chinese New Year today. We had dumplings for lunch and went to a Chinese New Year Celebration this evening with some Asians from church.

 Miss K is petting a horse as it is they year of the horse.

My husband was traveling part of the week which means that meals tend to be something quick and easy. 

I needed some creative outlet and decided to take a knitting class. We are learning to knit a scarf. I stayed up too late last night working on my knitting and ripping out what I had done. I was afraid that I would be the only student to go back to the next class with less than I had done the previous week. I keep ending up with an extra stitch. I guess it is an opportunity for me to demonstrate that I am not going to quit. 

We continued with history this week. We worked a bit on our Russia lap books. I also have some books from the library that we will read about Russia.

We finished the Middle East in Geography and played some bingo to review the countries. I am amazed at Miss K's reading. She was able to read quite a bit of the questions.

Miss K's new life skill this week -- she has learned to make coffee. Okay, it might not be necessary for her but it does make her mom happy. She has learned and also grown enough to reach the Keurig on the counter.

We are trying to add some working memory exercises. I think that is important for all kinds of learning and something that can help both kids.

Bob finished reading Rascal by Sterling North. I remember watching the movie as a kid. I was able to find it at Netflix so we will watch the moving. Now he is reading Chitty Chitty Bang Bang so I guess we will have another movie to watch.

That is about all that is happening here this week. We didn't get any snow which is fine with me. I trust that you had a great week.

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  1. What a great way to celebrate Chinese New Year. A great week.

  2. We are studying China and the Far East in my 5th grade class. I must incorporate some of your ideas listed. These are great! - Rela

  3. My brother learned to make coffee when he was about 7 years old. He really impressed our guests when he would offer it to them. It's a great talent to know :).

  4. OK I need to teach my sin to make my coffee. He's always up before me anyway. The aroma just might motivate me out bed. :)

  5. My boys will be reading Rascal this year too. My husband read it a couple years ago, but they are eager to read it themselves, remembering how exciting it was. Sounds like a wonderful week!

    I enjoy the knitting, but am not good at it yet at all. It competes with my reading and writing time - two things I prefer over it. Still, I will not give up either.

  6. I hate knitting so hats off to you for ploughing onwards with it!



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