Saturday, February 15, 2014

Week in Review - February 14, 2014

Happy Birthday to my husband.
Happy Valentine's Day.

Yes, today is both Valentine's Day and my husband's birthday. We are just celebrating at home tonight.

On Saturday evening we had snow. It was beautiful when we woke up Sunday morning.

The temperature was warmer and then the rain on Monday made the snow all disappear. We enjoyed it while it was here.

Monday was back to school no snow days here.

This week in history we read about the Petrobrusians and the Waldensians; Eleanor of Aquitaine who was a very interesting lady; the Jews in the Middle Ages; and Richard the Lionhearted, Saladin, and the Third Crusade.

We finished read about Laos from Asia Its People and Its History. We ended our time by just praying for Laos. It was special to hear my son pray. When I had asked him to pray he said I had already said all the words but I encouraged him to pray.

Now we are reading about Iran. That was Bob's pick of countries. I thought that was interesting as we have been spending time reading about the middle east.

We are continuing to do Latin together and I feel like this is good. I am getting ready to order Latin for next year. Memoria Press has free shipping in February.

Bob is taking an art class again. I am thrilled that he has this opportunity and hope that he will continue to develop his skill.

Miss K is pausing in Alpha Math to see try to get some of the math facts learned. One of the challenges is determining her ability in this area, is this something that she is capable of learning. I don't know but I am going to go with the assumption that she is and stop and push that a bit.  I say, 3+8 is 11, what is 3+8? and she responds "5".

I have set up a math review box and will share a bit about that later. We are also using a Horizon's math book. I think having a variety of books is helpful.

I try to include fine motor therapy in our day before we work on handwriting. This week we were unscrewing bolts.

I just had to share another picture of those cute hands. She did it. She wrote a g with the tail below the line and was so excited that she did it. This has been a struggle for a few months. One thing that helped was a hand comparison that was the Handwriting without Tears book. Some letters are like a fist, some with the pointer finger pointing up and some with the thumbs down.

We had some friends over today and had some time for pastels.

I think Miss K did a good job drawing. She was very proud of her drawings. Seeing her drawings I think I need to spend some more time with her drawing.

Bob was drawing and I think he was in motion when I took this photo.

Our weeks are going quickly. We are still in transition and waiting. We continue to wait for God's timing in our move.

What are you doing to keep fun in February?

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  1. I love the art. We should get the pastels out, they're so fun to create with. Your snow photo is gorgeous too.

  2. Aren't the weeks flying by? Looks like you had a good one.

  3. Oh she is very good at chalk pastels. She is subtracting her addition. You are doing fabulously with your weeks. I like how you pick a country and study it. I might need to think about doing that.
    That Cat is awesome!!!



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