Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Latin Review Games

We are slowly working our way through Latina Christiana. Recently I made a switch of moving Latin back to something that we do together instead of something that was done alone. I wanted to make sure that it was happening. Our routine is to do memory review, history, geography and then Latin.

I wanted to be add some fun to our time together. I also wanted to make sure that the words were being learned.

One game that is great to play when we are adding new words or beginning a new lesson is memory. We just write the Latin word on one card and the English translation on another card and then mix them up, put them face down on the table and take turns.

When we are introducing the lesson, we will play with our books open so we get some help. As we know the words, we will play without our book.

Another fun game that we have played and the kids enjoy is charades. For this one I will go through the lessons and pick some of the words that we can act out just to make it easier.

Miss K is being Mary or Maria.

Here is Bob acting out one of his words.

I have found that one thing that makes the games easy is to have separate cards for the different games. Yes, that means lots of cards but having them easy to use is worth it. I buy lots of 3x5 cards during Back to School sales and at times have cut the cards in half.

What fun games to you have to review?

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  1. My daughter likes to throw a towel or blanket on her head and call herself Mary, too =) Our Latin is super basic right now and we review mostly by looking through our Song School Latin coloring pages and listening to the songs. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us at Trivium Tuesdays!



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