Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Joys of Teaching Reading

A moment of joy in a parent's life is when their child learns to read. I agree it is an exciting thing to watch your child open a book, begin pointing at the with their little finger and slowly say the words on the paper telling the story stumbling along on some of the words. A world of books to read awaits her.

Those are moments full of joy but people forget to also tell you.

The joy of reading means that Miss K can read the menu which means I can no longer limit the options. You know the evening she is wearing her new white shirt and as the mom you decide that really spaghetti sauce on this shirt would not match so let's skip that option on the menu but since she can read she knows that spaghetti is on the menu.

The joy of reading means that Miss K can read "Animal Hospital" and then insist that her dog needs to go to the hospital. Ignore the fact that it is 9:30 at night and that her dog is a stuffed chihuahua.

The joy of reading means Miss K can read your shopping list and discover that you are buying candy for a Valentine treat.

Seriously, it is fun to sit and watch her open a book and start to read. I love the world that is open to her because she can read.

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  1. I love this-teaching reading is hard work here, at present, but this is an encouragement.

  2. That is a super sweet photo of Miss K.

  3. Such a precious post! Love every word. My daughter is five and she sometimes insists on irrational things too...when I am most tired. Ironically, they often revolve around her stuffed animals. smile



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