Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Geography Bingo

We finished up our study of the Middle East. We are using Memoria Press Geography I which has three sections -- Middle East, North Africa, and Europe. There were 10 countries in the Middle East section and that did give us an overview and brief understanding of that part of the world.

We have read the page about the country and filled in the map. I would quiz specifically Bob on finding the country on the map and asking the capital but I realized there were some other facts that might have been missing. To review those facts I created Geography Bingo.

These were hand drawn with my ruler because the printer died. I do have a form in Word that I have used for other bingo games. I called it GEO-ME for Geography Middle East.

I sat down with the Geography book and wrote down statements about each country. I ended up with about 6 or more for each country but only had two or three spots on the board for each country so it ended up that we had statements about countries but couldn't put a counter down. That is fine but it does make the game go a bit longer.

I used 3x5 cards cut in half. I don't have the answers written on the cards and I will confess that I had to play with the book nearby so I could check the answers for some of the statements. I am in the process of creating a cheat sheet.

This time we used M&M's. That was one way to motivate the kids to play -- play and then eat your game pieces. (And would you believe I shared my Mint M&M's, the ones that they only sell at Christmas which I really, really love - I shared them.) We have used little marshmallows and in our things in storage we have mini erasers from Oriental Trading that we love to use for these kids of games. The mini insect are our favorite.

We took turns reading the card. I was surprised how much Mis K was able to read. These are not works that are included in the normal sight words.

It was a fun way to review. I have a few other ideas of things we can do with our cards now that we have them.

One thing I would do is create the cards as we study each question so that we really do know the answers when we finish that unit.

What fun games do you play for review?

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