Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Asia Its People and History - Review and a Giveaway

This book combined a number of my personal loves -- Asia, history, and geography. I was excited to be able to review this new book that is now released. This is different from other books in the sense that the focus is on the Christians in those countries. The stories are written in the first person giving the feel of sitting and listening to the children tell their story. This is a great addition to homeschool history or geography. We read a bit of this each morning as we began our homeschool day.

Bonnie Rose wrote this book after feeling burdened to do something for persecuted Christians. Asia: Its People and History introduces six countries in Asia -- Laos, Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Iran, and Vietnam. All of these countries are in the 10/40 window.  It is designed to read one section a week for 16 weeks or you could easily do a section a day.  This is designed for children age 8-12.

I began reading about Laos. I will admit that in all my Asia reading I have not read much about Laos so it was educational for me as well. There was a short story about a young boy and the challenges that he faced as he and his mother were Christians. There was a bit about the history of Laos and then another story. The discussion questions gave us some topics to discuss and think about after reading the story. There are activities that you can do as well for each country. There is also bonus printable activities on Bonnie Rose's website, here.

Miss K loved hearing the stories and kept asking for more. I could tell that Bob was enjoying the stories and wanted  me to keep reading.  For me I knew that this book had reached my goal  when we finished reading about Laos and I heard both children pray for the people there.

I then allowed Bob to pick which country we would read about next. He picked Iran which was great as we had spent a bit of time studying Iran in our geography. Again we read a story about a girl who was a Christian and learned about a bit about the history.

This isn't just a book just for homeschoolers. It should be great for family devotions, a Sunday School class or other children's programs.

Asia: Its People and History e-book is available for $6.95 and a paperback version is coming soon.

  • Save 25% on the e-book at The Old Schoolhouse with Discount Code 02asia14! (the exclamation point is part of the code) This code is valid through 3/15/14. 
  • Purchase it for Kindle at Amazon
  • It is also on SmashWords which supports Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, iBooks, and Sony reader. 

I signed up to be a part of this launch team because of my own love for Asia and the people there. I want to share this with you. I am excited to offer a PDF copy of the book to two winners.  

To enter leave a comment below telling me what countries in Asia you would like to learn about either in this book or in the next book.

Earn an extra entry by following As He Leads is Joy. Leave an additional comment telling me how you follow my blog. 

I will select two winners on March 5 around 9:00 pm Pacific time.

A copy goes to #7 Cathy

and a copy goes to #3 Adrienne.

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  1. Sounds like an excellent resource we could use this precise year. Thank you for the review!

  2. Rachel (the Indo one)February 26, 2014 at 12:25 AM

    Does it cover Indonesia? Of course, that is the country I'd love to to help my children learn about. Singapore, too.

  3. I would honestly like to learn more about China and India. I know those are well known countries but I feel like all I know about them is from mainstream media.

  4. Our family could use an education on all those countries you listed! I love the fact that it has a focus on (persecuted) Christians so we can be more mindful to pray for them effective. Thank you for offering this giveaway! Julie in IN

  5. We are super interested on India.

  6. We currently have relatives in Afghanistan and Thailand, so we'd really love to learn more about those, but we would learn a ton from the countries featured in this book too!

  7. I signed up to follow by email =)

  8. We would love to learn about China.



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