Monday, February 17, 2014

Math Box - Memory Review System

I needed an organized system to review math facts that we have learned or I should say we need to learn. I can't review everything everyday as that would just be too overwhelming and it wouldn't be long before the whole thing would be forgotten. I needed something that we could do easily.

The pink box -- "my favorite color" according to Miss K.

It needed to be easy for me to follow, knowing what we need to review. Not too much that it would exhaust Miss K.

I had most of the cards in a 3x5 card box but it just wasn't organized for us to use and review in a systematic way. My organization inspiration came from Simply Charlotte Mason's Scripture Memory. I decided that to just review one thing every day could wear us out so I skipped the daily card and just made -- odd/even, then the days of the week, and then the 1 to 31. (Okay, so some of my numbers are just written on Post-it notes because I have dividers in our shipment and I have not been to Staples to get more. This works for now.)

Currently the facts that are included in the box include the following:

Count to 20
Count to 100
Count by 10's to 100
Count by 5's to 50
Count by 2's to 24
Plus zero facts
Plus one facts
Plus two facts
Double facts
Double plus 1 facts
Facts that equal 10
Nine plus facts

I am taking a bit of a pause and focusing on seeing if Miss K can learn these facts. This is helpful to organize our math review. I know that Miss K needs lots of review.

Do you have a systematic way to review math facts?

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  1. You are super organized and it serves your children well and trains them for the future!

    I read the other posts about Miss K's math, and I thought I would tell you about Touch Math, just in case she doesn't learn the math facts after you've given it your all. She probably will, since she picked up so many other complicated things, but just in case, here is the Touch Math principle. You've probably heard about it, or even written about it (I forgot if you did). There are touch points on the numbers 1 thru 9 that the children touch and count to find the answers to math fact problems, helping them someday do the calculations for their banking, shopping, etc. It is less conspicuous and faster than using fingers. They also have Touch Math materials for adding large coins, etc.

    They can say the larger number and count on the smaller number with the dots, or they can just touch and count all the dots on both or all the numbers. It doesn't take any time at all for the children to learn where the dots are on the numbers. Probably a few days only. The link gives you more info, and free materials. But, since they learn the dot locations so quickly, they don't really need any purchased materials, unless you want them for other aspects of math for her. The school I used to work for used the program briefly, then decided it was best for LD kids.

    I am introducing it to my oldest, because he has a minor case of dyscalculia. He can understand math concepts, rules and procedures, such as long division rules, and how to figure all types of problems, but memorizing math facts is very difficult for him, so I introduced Touch Math for addition, and a program called Time Tales for multiplication facts, which is memorizing stories that go along with the times facts, making an LD child recall them in a several seconds, rather than having to use a time table the rest of their life. He has many of the x facts memorized, but when doing multi-step math problems, like in 5th and 6th grade math, he loses the fact recall ability in his head, because of anxiety over all the steps. Whereas, when he is just doing fact recall with no other steps, the recall is far faster. The Times Tales helps him in multi-step math situations.

    I never let him use a calculator for daily math, but I am grateful they exist and I am thankful he can use them as he gets older to do his banking and such.

    Anyway, sorry for the long comment, but math LD is on my mind lately.

  2. This would be a weak area of mine. I always assume they will get enough practice in the maths they do each day. You really are organised! Maybe I should take a leaf out of your book?

  3. Great idea! We already have this system for memory verses and prayer cards. I never thought to use it for review cards. Genius!! Thanks!



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