Sunday, October 12, 2014


I think Moses is one of my favourite Biblical characters. It might be his various interactions with God beginning with the burning bush and then the Ten Commandments. It could be his excuses -- "I can't speak." He leads the people of Israel out of slavery and yet he get frustrated with them. Even in all of that he wants to know more of God.

I was excited when my parents told me that this year Sight & Sound is doing Moses and even more excited that we were able to get tickets during the few days that we were in the area. We were there for an afternoon performance and we some of the younger people in the audience.

I enjoyed the portrayal of his life on the stage -- beginning with being placed in the bulrushes through the burning bush and the plagues and ending with the Ten Commandments. (I know there is more to the story.) This part of the program wrapped up some of the thoughts, "As we took on the challenge of telling this story and studied these historic events, we began to see more than 'Moses the Biblical icon' -- we saw the man. A man who was flawed, who struggled, who often felt alone and unsure of who he was. A man very much like his people -- and perhaps very much like us: in need of deliverance and finding our identity with God."

If you look at Moses past, you see his mother giving him up, then the chance to care for him but again having to give him up. You see a man raised in luxury and royalty and then giving that up. Moses had so much in his past but God wanted to use that. His past was not to define him but God, the I AM wanted him to move beyond that.

I have seen Noah years ago and Ruth. A few years ago we took the kids to see Joseph. Sight & Sound strives to make the Bible come to life and they really do that with their quality productions which includes animals.

J had an aisle seat and so he was next to the sheep and the camels as they came down the aisle. Miss K seems to like the comfort of my lap and she does get a bit heavy.

I am so glad that we were able to see this while we were here. It does make me want to go and again read Exodus learning new aspects of who Moses was and how God used him.

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