Saturday, October 4, 2014

Week in Review - 3 October

I am going to combine a bit from last week and a bit from this week into one review. It was just that kind of week for the past two weeks.

Last week we reached Da Vinci in our MOH. I thought we should pause and do some activities. We wrote in a journal like Da Vinci.

It was just some kraft coloured paper with white paper in between.

Then J used popsicle sticks to try to make the bridge. I think the sticks were a bit short as it was difficult. We had done this once at a Da Vinci display when we were in Hong Kong so he was a bit familiar with the concept. That was about as much of a bridge as we could build.

I think I learned that I am not a project based learning mom. That just doesn't work for me and my child. I continue to admire others project based learning. We can do one or two hands on activities but that is about all.

I did make a Jeopardy game for science review. It was a fun way to review. I have stepped up the requirements this year and one of the things that I need to work with him on is learning to study. I remember in high school taking my first test in history. I thought I knew the material but learned that I didn't. Any tips on how to teach him to study?

Following Da Vinci we read about Michelangelo. I did tape paper under the table and allow the kids to paint the ceiling. J remembered doing that years ago. It is still there. If you look under our table, you will see the artwork.

This week we had planned an outing for Monday but rain moved it to a trip to the big mall that we had not been to yet. It was a nice break.  The rest of the week was spent just wrapping up some of our learning as we will take a few weeks off.

That wraps up the last two weeks.

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  1. A has a study skills course as one of his electives. :) Maybe he and J should Skype? :) Yep, learning to study is an important skill. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  2. The portfolio review teacher I see at the end of the year (per my state's requirements and in lieu of standardized testing, which is another state option) suggested I start grading my kids starting in their eighth grade year, so I can have it down before I start keeping records for their high school transcripts. Along with that, I began to think about teaching them to study for exams. I noticed that Kris of Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers started her 8th and 9th graders this year on a Study Skills System They started the year with it--took two weeks--and seemed to really like it. The company offers a DIY workbook for $25 that kids can do themselves, or an option for a student workbook and a teacher edition, for more money. It is true that study skills are essential and homeschoolers can often leave home without them if we don't purposely address this topic in our homeschool. Even if we don't believe testing is an essential part of learning, they will need study skills in college if they choose higher education. I don't want their "schooling" to get in the way of their real learning, but neither do I want to leave out anything that will hinder them in what God wants them to do later. So, I will probably purchase something that will go over study skills. I wasn't very good at studying in high school or college but did fairly well by the grace of God--but with a lot of last-minute stress that didn't have to be.

    1. I have a good system for recording information but just want J to be ready for grading. This year he gets grades in Latin, Math, Science, and possibly history. I will have to look at the Study skills system.

  3. She also mentioned using rubrics for grading essays, as those are used at the high school level for grading all written material and at times project-based work. I used them when I was a first-grade teacher, but on a rudimentary level only. I am researching high-school level rubrics (or even middle-school) on district websites this year and on homeschooling sites to find a few I like. Eventually I'll be comfortable enough to write my own rubrics. I am excited about his high school years, and yet dreading all the work involved too.

  4. Looks like fun! We are also learning about Michelangelo and Da Vinci, too!



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