Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Wild West, Storming the Castle, and Conference Fun

One of the benefits of homeschooling is the flexibility. We had a field conference this week and so we decided to have fall break. Honestly it has been a three week break as we did some traveling before the conference.

We have had beautiful weather. We had been told that it might be cold but thankfully that has not been the case. It was hot during the day and then it did get cool when the sun went down.

Miss K did some rock climbing. That is about the size of the rock that she can handle.

The scenery was beautiful. The deep blue sky in contrast with the rock formations. I don't think the photos even show how beautiful it is.

There was a rare sighting of my husband and I together. He was busy meeting with people and sharing what God is doing and some of the exciting things happening.

When surrounded by such natural beauty it is difficult to capture it in photos. I kept tracking photos trying to do that. The blue sky, white clouds some trees in autumn colours and the rock formations were just some of the beauty that we enjoyed this week.

We went on an outing one day. To wander through the park and see the beauty and to know that this is all part of God's creation was a breath taking experience.

Here is J doing some rock climbing. Photos can be made to make it look more difficult than it was. He did have fun climbing some of the rocks.

We had our meetings and meals in the castle. We didn't sleep in the castle but in a guest lodge just up the hill. The other night J and his friend were heading the castle for to watch a movie. I couldn't resist telling them to "have fun storming the castle." I am thankful that J found a friend here. J & J were inseparable climbing and exploring.

A castle is not complete without a knight. Miss K found the knight.

It has been a fun week spending time with others working in the same ministry. Even more was the teaching time that we had. I have some pages of notes from our morning Bible teaching time. As I process I will write a bit more about that time.

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  1. Looks like a gorgeous place! I'm curious where the rock formations are. A national park?



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