Friday, October 17, 2014

Y is for You and Me

I think the subtitle for this post is Finding Me. Did you know that you and I are different?

This morning I read a blog post about the best laundry system. On one level this mom was sharing what she has discovered. If you are not careful and do not know yourself you might be swayed by her laundry system and decide that you need to do that. Then next week you read another blog with yet another laundry system and you will be tempted to try that one.

Know yourself. Know your house. Know your husband. Know your children. Know your schedules. Know your limits. Know your strengths. Know your frustrations. Know what works.

Don't feel guilty that someone's best system wether it is for laundry, house cleaning, home school curriculum, is not the best you or your family. Find the best that works for you.

Consider the ideas or tweak the idea to work for you. I love Pinterest and have lots of ideas that I have found there but I also have to know my limits.

For myself and my family I am glad I have found me.
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