Friday, October 17, 2014

Six Months Ago

The Six Month Report

Six months ago the kids and I loaded 7 suitcases, 3 carry-ons, and a carseat into the back of our van and a friend drove us to the airport. My husband was already in England.

What have we done in the past six months?

  • Moved to a new country. This is the fifth country that I have lived in.
  • Found a house and moved in. This is our fifth house in 11 years.
  • Received our shipment from the USA. It has been in storage for 16 months. It was amazing the things we forgot we had. 
  • Purchased a car. We sold two cars in the States and bought one there. We are loving our diesel. I think we fill it up once a month or so. Driving on the left side is not as much of a challenge as the narrow windy roads.
  • Learned our way around town. I feel like it is an accomplishment when I can drive some place without the SatNav though I still need the SatNav for some places.
  • We found a church and are getting involved there. Miss K goes to kids club, J goes to youth group, I have been going to a ladies Bible study. We have been so blessed by the church in so many ways. 
  • Began homeschooling. We are finding activities for the kids. Miss K has ballet twice a week. J plays football with some other home educating kids. They have began piano and J has flute lessons.
  • We are learning where to shop. I think one thing that I have been doing is learning the brands we like. 
  • We have discovered some foods that we enjoy -- bangers and mash, fish and chips, ice cream, candy, and a few other things. 
  • We have begun to explore and we are learning history along the way. 
  • We are learning new words and terms. I think I have heard posh more times in the past six months. I learned what a rota is. We put our trainers on when we go outside. We wear trousers. 

It has been a fun six months and we look forward to more fun and adventures.

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  1. We moved to Denver 2 years ago and I'm still learning more about getting around in this bigger city. Enjoy your new adventures!



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