Friday, October 24, 2014

Z is for Zoo Memories

Z is for Zoo Memories

I made it to the end of the alphabet. The letters at the end have been more of a challenge. I did look through a list of words that begin with z. I can't say that I got much inspiration from that list so I just went with one of the most used words for z -- Zoo but since it has been a long time since we have been to the zoo we will have to add memories to the title.

I think this photo was when I was in kindergarten and we went to the zoo. This was the petting Zoo within the large zoo near where I grew up. Notice the stroller in the background, I am sure that would not meet today's safety standards.  
Here is Miss K at the same Petting Zoo. The zoo had changed a bit since I was there as a kid.

Just to add a bit of variety to our zoo memories. This was from the zoo in Seattle. We enjoyed a visit there while we were staying there.

I think this is from one of our visit trips to the zoo in the USA. We had been to the zoo in Ukraine once.

Sometimes you see monkeys outside of the cage.

Miss K must have been about 5 years old in the photo. She was still in her stroller. I have to admit that not needing to take a stroller has been freeing. We used strollers until she was about 7 or 8 years old. I think we went through about a stroller or year or so.

I was looking for some other zoo photo memories. We have gone to the zoo in Singapore. When Miss K was about 2 I took her to zoo in Colorado Springs and we fed the giraffes. Some memories pre-date  my digital photos. We do enjoy visiting zoos.


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