Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Chess and Math Fest

On Saturday J had a chess tournament -- it was a Bug House Tournament. Bug House chess is very fast and played with a teammate so when you teammate captures a piece you are able to place it on your board.

He won a medal for his event. It was a fun thing to do on a rainy afternoon.

The event was held at a local mall. We have decided that this mall is unique in that it is like a community center. There was a chess tournament in one end, a group of ladies crocheting, and at the other end, Math Fest. We did register early so we didn't get the t-shirt but the kids were able to participate in Math Fest.

There were about 20 stations of math activities set up. The children got a page and as they went to each station they got it stamped. There is Rush Hour games to play, a patterning station where the kids made a pattern bracelet with pony beads on a pipe cleaner and some puzzles. J really enjoyed the Busy Beetles. I searched online for that and it looks like it is discontinued.

There was a place to see what dice get rolled the most often. There was Sudoku and a number of other math related things.

There was a Pirate Chase to see which pirate ship could get to the island first. I never totally understand how it was played but Jack won.

If the kids finished eight of the events they were able to get a prize. It was fun and interesting to see how many of the activities we have and use for fun, educational variety to our day.

It was something that was free that we stumbled on while at the mall. it was a rainy afternoon so perfect to fill the time. It would be fun to plan an event like that.

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