Saturday, April 20, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up April 19, 2013

The weather here this week has been a bit rainy and cold but then again that is the northwest. Perfect for coffee and naps. We are continuing to work through our books and assignments with the goal of finishing by the end of May.

I had a class this week -- I want to learn a bit more about my computer and so I was at the Apple store for two classes. It is also a good example that you don't ever stop learning. I learned some helpful things in iPhoto and now I have the task of organizing over 12,000 photos. I guess that is my homework.

In Mystery of History we made it to Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China. Of course, that meant that I had to pull up our photos from our trip to Xian. It is hard to believe that it was almost 6 years ago that we were there. 

It was an amazing to be there and to see all the warriors lined up. To see the faces and the different warriors. We stood in line and bought a book about this and then had a farmer who discovered the warriors autograph it. I am sure he is making a lot of money signing books for tourists. 

Qin Shi Hwang also built or begun to build the Great Wall so then we also had to look at our pictures from the Great Wall.

I won't bore you with any more pictures. I will say that looking at all the China pictures is making me miss China. I miss the people, the food, the shopping.

J finished Sequential Spelling Book 2 this week - don't worry we started Book 3 yesterday. Sequential Spelling has worked for us as it keeps him moving through spelling words. I feel like just have 15-20 words a week would not improve his spelling. He is not a natural speller and in fact I had to remind him often to look at his writing and correct his spelling.

He is continuing to work towards the goal of finishing by the end of May. We will see how he does as he was working slow on his writing assignments.

J began an art class this week. I was excited to find something local for him. I want to develop that talent as much as possible. I admit that fine arts is something that doesn't get done here as much as it should combined with the fact that I don't think I have the ability to teach him drawing. This week he drew an orca. I can't wait to see what else he does in the class.

Miss K is continuing to work at her pace with mama pushing her because her pace would be "tiny bit" of school so she needs the push to keep going.

One of the things that both kids have enjoyed this week is Fast Facts App. Each child can have an account and I can adjust the time and decide what math facts they need to practice. Miss K is working on her +0 and +1 facts while J is working on his multiplication facts.

One of my goals for this weekend is to create a visual chart of what things she needs to do for school. I know we are almost at the end of the year but I think she needs a visual chart so hopefully we can reduce the "tiny bit" of school comments.

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  1. Lovely pictures! They must make history come alive for your kids!

    My daughter loves to draw as well - I've found that Mark Kistler's online program has been very fun for her.

    1. Thank you for the suggestion for a drawing program. I will look into that.

  2. That orca is great. Thanks for sharing at the Homeschool Review. -Savannah @ HammockTracks

  3. You were not boring at all with the photos from China! I enjoyed looking at them. :-) The orca drawing is wonderful! Congratulations to your son-- well done! :-) Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Many blessings, Lisa

  4. I loved the pictures from China! Have a great weekend.

  5. What amazing photos. How awesome to have been there!

    Love the drawing! I would love to find a drawing class for my girls around here.

    We used a chart with Abby when she was younger so she could visualize her progress as she went through her daily routine, and it really helped. Now that she's older, she makes lists for herself and loves to cross an item off and go on to the next.



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