Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Games for fun - Qwirkle

We enjoy playing games as a family. We have some favorite games that we enjoy playing. It is always an added bonus when there is an educational aspect to the game.

One of our favorite family games is Qwirkle. Qwirkle has six colors and six shapes. The ideas is to make sets of either the same shape or the same color but you only have one of each color or shape in the same row. You score according to how many pieces you place and bonus points if you finish a set.

My husband, J, and I can play at our level with all the strategy and earning points while Miss K can join and put her pieces where she finds them and score a few points. Sometimes we have to reminder her that she can't put that piece down because we already have the piece in the row.

The last time we played with her she wanted to keep score. She knows her +0 and +1 math facts but you need more than that for keeping score so we helped her telling her what to write down.

Before traveling we discovered that there is a travel size Qwirkle and so we bought that. It is nice for use while traveling but if we were home I would play the regular size. The pieces are a bit heavier and so they don't move around as much. The travel size does come in a nice cute pouch.

What games do you like to play just for fun or for some educational fun?

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