Thursday, April 18, 2013

Therapy - Writing Pressure

I noticed the other day when Miss K was doing her handwriting that her pressure was very light. I think some of that is due to weak muscles and hand strength. I have a number of fine motor activities that I like to do before handwriting. Things like finding the erasers in putty, stacking 1-inch blocks, using tweezers to pick up things and a number of other things. Since we are schooling out of suitcases right now, I don't have all those fun things with me. I had packed a roll of paper that is for a cash register to give you a duplicate receipt. I gave her some of that paper to write on. Miss K had to push hard enough so that she was able to see on the 2nd sheet. It is give her some practice putting a bit more pressure on her pencil.

Currently she is using a Ticonderoga Laddie tri-write pencil. It is nice and fat but also triangular to help with gripping. I purchased these from The Therapy Shoppe. We also have a Faber-Castell Junior triangular but they are not as heavy and doesn't have an eraser.

I found the roll of paper at a dollar store. I thought it would be fun for the kids and then I discovered it would be a good therapy tool. I remember the days of carbon paper and using it for typing or making receipts.

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