Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Puzzles for Therapy

We are a puzzle family. We have had an extra table at times where we where able to put a puzzle that we were working on and just work on it when we had time. I love buying puzzles at thrift stores. They are cheaper and I think most of the ones we have bought have had all the pieces.

One of my favorite brand of puzzles for the children is Ravensburger. The pictures are timeless, the pieces are nice size for small hands. I found one on Saturday and I admit to standing in the store and counting the pieces. It was just 35 pieces so it didn't take me long. I know that for Miss K if a piece is missing it will just not be understood and so I would be better off not buying it. This one had all 35 pieces so I bought it.

Miss K was very excited to have a new puzzle. She got her bath and started to work on it.

I encourage her to do puzzles. She will ask for help but I try to just guide and let her put the pieces together. Puzzles are good for development in thinking and seeing how things work together.

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  1. Nick's OT often has him do puzzles as part of their therapy time. (Sometimes she does it with him on a scooter board and sometimes it is just sitting on the floor.)



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