Friday, April 19, 2013

Games - Touring England

One of the areas that I go in a thrift store is the toy and game section. I will say that going through that section when I am in the store by myself is much easier than when I have children with me who will find at least 10 or more things that they want or need. I found the Ravensburger puzzle on one of my walk-throughs. I also found the game Touring England. It is a remake of a 1930's game.

I just had to buy it. I decided it was educational for all of us to learn a bit of England geography. Everyone gets about 8 destination cards and then you plan your route and begin your journey. Everyone begins at the same place but goes to different destinations.

It did help us to begin to learn the geography. We did decide that it moved a bit slow so we are going to modify the rules a bit to make it a bit faster.

Miss K traveled to the most destinations. Maybe it helped that she had our starting point as one of her destinations. Together as a family we are learning our geography.

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  1. This looks fun and not a game that I have seen before. Hope you enjoy your move to England-there are so many fascinating places to explore.



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