Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Memory Review Game

We have not been as diligent in our memory work this year. We have reviewed our timeline some but without the community and review each week it is hard to keep focused and continue with memory work. I have tried to add some into our work and we have succeeded in some areas. I needed some fun way to review and drill facts.

I have seen questions and other things written on Jenga blocks. So Jenga bocks were added to my thrift store list. I found them just some blocks in a bag. It was not all the blocks which was fine for what I wanted to do. Actually it was best not to have all the blocks as it limited the time we played.

I wrote some memory review items or things that I want to drill or make sure they know on pieces of paper and taped them to the block. I taped them instead of writing directly on the block so that I can change the items. Yes, the tape might have made it a bit more difficult in the stacking but it allows me to change the memory work.

I wrote one side for Miss K so it was simple things that she should know -- recite the days of the week, or say hello and bye in Chinese, or say hello and bye in Latin. I wrote some more difficult things for J on the other side -- recite the 12 times table, tell me about Minoan Civilization, or what are the 8 parts of speech.

Then we built our tower and played Jenga. Depending on what block they pull determined what memory fact they needed to recall.

Overall I think it was a fun way to review our memory work. I did learn a few areas that my children need some more memory work review. Miss K could not count to 10 in Chinese. She is Chinese or at least that is what she thought for a long time. I think now she thinks she is Russian but that is not related to today's review game.

We will keep it handy and play when we need some practice or just want to have some fun with our memory work.

It was fun when they all feel down. What fun things do you do for memory review?

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  1. I think that is a great idea for memory review. So far we just use our memory box and recite what we need to for the day. I'm not always good at making things fun =) Thanks for the idea!



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