Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Helping Verbs

Sometimes we need a helping hand. In grammar we have helping verbs. To help remember the helping verbs J made a chart of the Handy Helping verbs as he titled it.

The hands were a bit small but that was the size of punch that we had and it also allowed up to put them on one page. He has this in the front of his grammar notebook.

This helped him to memorize the helping verbs. Memory work is an important part of our homeschooling. I will quiz them on things that they have memorized. I found this idea on Pinterest. I enjoy ideas that are easy and also give some hands on practice especially for grammar.

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  1. What a cute, 'helpful' idea! I am terrible at grammar. Actually, that is because I was really never taught it. Looks like I'm going to be learning right along with my kids in this area! Thanks for linking this up to Trivium Tuesdays!



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