Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Birthday Celebrations

Yesterday was a trip to the Royal Armouries. Today was the real birthday.

J wasn't sure if he could get up in time for breakfast before flute lesson. His teenage sleep in genes do not have any problems. He did make it to breakfast and so it was the traditional number pancake. I have to say that 1 and 4 are relatively easy to make.

I think we had a progressive celebration. Pancakes at breakfast and then he opened his gifts at lunch. I said he couldn't open gifts until he had finished school because I knew it would be hard to have gifts sitting there while trying to finish math or science.

He wanted a vanilla cake with chocolate icing. I found a new cake recipe in my America's Test Kitchen. It tasted as good as a box cake or maybe even better. It was nice and yellow and looked good with the chocolate frosting that I bought.

I decided that I needed to decorate it a bit so I went down to the shops to see what I could find. Peanut M&M's worked. Miss K even ate one. She is usually ani-nuts. Her brother told her Nutella was nuts. She stayed away from it for a long time and then had some and discovered that it was chocolate. She told him it was chocolate. Anyway she ate a peanut M&M.

As I was heading to the shops to get something to decorate the cake, I realised I didn't have candles. The local hardware store to the rescue. They had candles and a number of things to choose from. I got sparkling candles.

Tomorrow he has an archery lesson which was his big gift from dad and mum. He is busy celebrating.

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