Monday, December 8, 2014

Plan Book Review

It is easy to love something when it is new and the pages are still clean. It is easy to write a review telling all the way you like it but a true review is when you buy continuing to use it. A year later and I still love my Plan Book. I shared the initial review in January. I bought another one just like the first one for this school year.

I added some washi to the front to make it colourful and fun. I think planners should be fun and make you smile when you see them.

I used the Yearly planning page to jot down some thoughts and plans for the year. Now that it is written down, I should look at it and see what I had planned to do. The planner doesn't do things for you, just help you to remember what you planned.

I have added some thin washi to separate our together things from Miss K's area.

Notice the highlights -- I have begun to highlight things that we do in a week that need to be recorded in the Portfolio summary. The highlight makes it easy for me to go through and find the information that needs to be recorded. I don't have to go look for the test to find the grade it is written in the book.
I also track lessons and outings on the left side under the date.

I do find that there is plenty of space to write what we are going to do each day. I write in pencil so I can erase and move things around if necessary.

I have fun each week picking some washi to decorate the pages. That helps me then decide what colour markers to use.

See the washi there on the edges of the pages, that shows me where each month begins. It helps me as I flip through the planner to record information.

I continue to love the Plan Book. I pull it out as we begin our school day and keep all my notes there.

I bought this Plan Book. The review is all my own opinions. I hope this helps you as you consider the planner for you.

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