Friday, December 19, 2014

Week in Review 19 December 2014

We began our week with a trip to the Royal Armouries. That was the birthday celebration for J. It was somewhat of an excuse to take the trip. We don't normally give the kids a birthday trip though Miss K is asking to go to Disneyland in Paris. I guess she thought since she got a trip to Hawaii one year she could ask for this. (We were flying home from Asia on her birthday and missed our flight in Tokyo so they put us on a flight to Honolulu and then on home. We only spent about 3 hours there.)

Monday was the trip and Tuesday was the actual birthday. We did some school between the celebrations.

J found the Seattle puzzle and decided he wanted to do it. It is one of the more difficult puzzles as it is not interlocking. We did manage to finish it in two days. Puzzles tend to be a bit addictive. I will put a piece in and then another one and maybe just 1 more and next thing we know we have worked on it for 30 minutes.

J received a box of candy from his flute teacher. I don't think it lasted long then again right now sugar is not lasting long. Enjoy because after the New Year sugar will be out of the house for a long time which might just be until Valentine's Day.

J's big birthday gift was an introductory session at the local archery range. He loved it and scored 283 out of possible 360. He is ready to go again.

Miss K is copying her history sentence. I usually just have her write the lesson title on a card. She did that and then picked words out of the lesson. I don't think the words make sense but she is trying and doing what she sees her brother doing.

Miss K has been calling everyone love. I think she has been out shopping too much. When I am in the shops near our house the workers will often say, "thank you, love".

That wraps up our week. I have done some baking this week making banana bread for the neighbours which they all said they would eat for pudding which is dessert. I made some cookies, peanut blossoms with some Kisses that someone brought me from the States. I want to make sugar cookies and Russian tea cakes.

It is 4:20 and already dark. It short days of winter are here.

We are taking some time off from books though I did say the kids need to do some math.

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  1. I love picturing Miss K calling people love! I've been doing a puzzle lately, too. 99 cents from thrift store. Sorry. I know you miss the thrift stores. :)

  2. I wonder why they don't have thrift stores there? I'm so tickled too about Miss K calling people love. I have one son who loves to bake Russian tea cakes, and we all love peanut butter blossoms. Only trouble is, they tend to eat the kisses before I have time to get to the cookies! No other time of year do I buy kisses, because we usually just snack on semi-sweet baking chocolate. Milk chocolate is harder to resist.

    Have a blessed weekend!

  3. Enjoy your break! :)



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