Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Our Family Year in Review

We were still in the northwest, waiting for our visa. We did take a trip to the East Coast to visit family. One of the fun things on our list of things to do was go to Texas Roadhouse. It is a favourite place, maybe it is the peanuts or the warm bread with cinnamon butter or just the fact that we didn't have one in the northwest.

We were in the northwest still waiting, praying and trusting that God would provide the visa in his time. We celebrated my husband's birthday. We were gifted with a photo session at a local studio.

We continued to wait and pray. We had seen God provide up to this point and so we continued to trust that he would complete what he had begun. I don't think I have a family photo from March.

My husband booked flights based on faith that we would have our visa. He did have to change his flight two days but we got our visa and were ready to go.

The kids and I arrived in the UK on Good Friday. We spent Easter with some friends here.

We began looking for a house in the city where we would live. We spent a week in the Peak District and enjoyed the beauty there.

We moved into our house and began to get settled.

We continued to settle in our new city. We got a car and I began driving. We received our shipment which had been in storage for 18 months.

We went camping for the first time and enjoyed it.

I was able to surprise my parents for their 50th wedding anniversary. My brother went to their house and so I planned to join them there. They were surprised.

Hiking is a new thing that we have begun to do this year. We enjoyed a hike in Hope Valley. That is not our dog.

We took a holiday to Switzerland. It was a wonderful trip and we enjoyed our time there with friends. The kids are talking about wanting to go back.

We traveled to the States for a conference and meetings. We were able to visit family on our family so that was a nice time. My parents took us to see Moses.

We returned home and were back in our routine. We had our first guests that stayed with us and so for an outing we went to York.

We enjoyed Christmas in England including a day trip to London. A friend came to visit and we enjoyed 12 days with her. We got some snow as well and spent an afternoon sledging.

That wraps up this year. I am looking forward to 2015 and all that God will do in our family.

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  1. It's been fun getting to know you, Beth! I really enjoy your blog!

  2. What a testimony, when you read closely and try to imagine what it all must have felt like. Praise God for your faithfulness, your steadfastness, and your love for the Savior. Pleasure reading here always, Beth. I, too, am looking forward to what God will do through you all in 2015.

  3. It sounds like you have settled very nicely into England, and yet have managed to travel long and far as well. What a lovely life!

  4. Happy New Year and welcome to the Crew!



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