Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas in London

A friend suggested we meet in London for a day of enjoying Christmas celebration there. We took an early train. It was a fast train with only four stops. We arrived in London and our first stop was the South Bank where there is a Christmas market. The kids got a treat and we walked around a bit.

Our next stop was Harrods. We began in the food halls. I spent time looking at the food items offered.

This was my first time to Harrods. While it was crowded, I do think it was worth it to visit at Christmas and see the special things that are there at this time of the year such as Christmas Pudding. Pudding is the term used for dessert.

Oranges are such a Christmas item to me. I think some of that goes back to my childhood traditional Christmas morning breakfast. My mum would have a basket of tangerines or something like that and would decorate it with curling ribbon.

More yummy food items. I think things here are sold in tins more than in the States.

This was the bakery section. Look at all the delicious looking food.

The tile work throughout the food halls was impressive. Being there at Christmastime there are extra decorations.

We had a meeting place at the Legos on the 3rd floor. On our way up Miss K and I found this bear. The toy department was a sensory overload with toy demonstrations, toys flying overhead and so much lights and sounds. There are dress-up dresses that start at £329 or so. J found a Hummer for £39,995. It was a two seater and bigger than my dad's John Deere lawnmower. I really don't know where you would drive that.

I did buy something at Harrods. I know you are impressed. I bought Miss K not a bear or even some candy but a drink, just a bottle of Juicy Water. We went across the street for a drink and snack and also a place to sit. We had been walking and walking. According to J it was a forced march but that was not the case.

After our break, we went back out. We stood across the street waiting for the lights to come on. I turned my back to talk to someone and missed it. I did get some photos after the lights came on.

We then walked across and looked in all the windows. The windows are decorated for Christmas. The attention to detail in amazing.

I think Miss K would open an orphanage for stuffed animals if she was allowed to. I am sure this one would have been too big.

There were some big windows and then also smaller windows. The little kids needed help to see in the windows.

We then took the Tube back to Westminster. As we were walking up to cross the bridge, we realised that if we waited just three minutes we could hear Big Ben.

It was a fun day and we did do lots of walking. I think I had over 20,000 steps on my fitbit.

I am glad that we did it. I know there are lots of photos here but it was hard to pick out the good ones and so I just shared lots.

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  1. Oh- Harrods is beautiful this time of year! Last year, we stumbled in Harrods on accident looking for lunch, and didn't connect the dots that it was THE Harrods until we sat down with the crazy expensive lunch menus.... but we had been walking so long (lost in London) at that point that it really didn't matter ;)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier- you have a new follower :)

  2. It looks magical! A good friend of mine (Mary) is visiting London for Christmas. I love that photo of Miss K and the bear.



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