Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Special Needs Siblings

Down Syndrome

J has been studying genetics in his life science, nothing big just the basics. As he began the latest chapter, he looked at the picture and said, "that girl looks like Miss K." That is because the girl has Down Syndrome. The last part of the chapter was about genetic disorders. I found it interesting to listen to his comments. He doesn't see that there is any problem with Down Syndrome people. He really could not understand why someone would want to abort them. He said they must not have met Miss K. He talked a bit more about what it is like to have a sister with special needs, Down Syndrome.

I needed to hear him say those things. I needed to hear how he has accepted her and loves her for who she is. I needed to hear him talk about how Down Syndrome is not a bad thing. It helped me to hear him say these things.

I have often said that J is what Miss K needs and Miss K is what J needs. J needs to slow down a bit, to learn to think of others and help others. Miss K needs to try things and she wants to keep up with her brother. God knew that Miss K needed a bit brother and that J needed a little sister with special needs. God planned it all how a girl born in Asia could have a brother born in Europe and together they could be part of our family.

I quickly wrote this last night and then had a rough special needs mum day. You know the day when you are yet again reminded that you have a special needs child and just because the child is 10 doesn't mean they function as a 10 year old.

I was talk to my husband and sharing some of the struggles. J came in and I just mentioned that it was a struggle but I needed to look to God. I was trying to be positive for him. Then I went and graded his science test. The last questions was "Describe a biblical view of genetic disorders." His response,

"God has a plan for that person that the disorder can help achieve."

Okay, time to check my attitude and response. I was again reminded of God and his plan for both my children's lives. 

Having a sibling with special needs can be a blessing. I need to again be reminded that this is God's plan for both my children. 

As I finish typing this, they are sitting next to me and J is teaching Miss K how to play Fruit Ninja. Thank you Lord, for your perfect plan. 

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  1. This is so beautiful. Takes my breath away how wonderful the Lord is and how beautiful his plan. Your pictures are wonderful! Thank you for writing this!

  2. Awesome. Is the last photo new? Looks great.

  3. This was very well written! I love J's attitude and Miss K's "can do" attitude. Continue to trust in God's plan.



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