Saturday, March 21, 2015

21.3 World Down Syndrome Day

Celebrating World Down Syndrome Day

What does it mean to have a child with Down Syndrome? What does it mean to have a child? Each child is unique. Each child has different gifts and abilities.

Miss K keeps us laughing. The funny things she does or the things she says. She will talk about her old grandma that lives in Australia. (She has no relatives there nor has she been there.)

Miss K keeps us learning as we work to teach her and help her to grow to be all that she is able to do and be. She wants to work and McDonald's and Starbucks.

Miss K loves her routines. She has a bedtime routine that includes daddy reading Heidi after she has turned the crank on the flashlight. Then there is the need for the drink of water.

Miss K loves to read. I think that started early in life as we read to her even when she was a newborn in the NICU. Now she is reading books herself.

Miss K loves her cousins and friends. She talks all the time about her cousins and is planning a sleepover the next time we are visiting them. Today she is enjoying an outing with her kids club friends.

Miss K loves animals. She will say hi to the dogs she meets along the way. She loves to hold the guinea pigs. A pet store is a favourite place. She will ask for every pet even though you tell her no every time.

That brings up the fact that she is stubborn which can be a good thing. She works hard and will push herself to do things.

She has an incredible memory. She can remember what she had for dessert at someone's house especially if it is ice cream. She knows that Switzerland has cheese and chocolate.

Miss K keeps us guessing. Sometimes her speech is difficult to understand and so we are trying to guess what she is saying. Often her brother can translate. She is a good sport and keeps trying.

She loves to sing along with her piano songs. She is excited when she learns a new note.

That could describe most children. How does Down Syndrome impact her life? Her speech might be difficult to understand at times. She is smaller than children her age. She is slower in learning. She is developmentally delayed. Her muscles might get tired because they don't have as much strength. Her fingers are stubby and so some things are harder to do. Her life is a testimony of God's love and grace to spare her life that night in the hospital when the doctors said she would not make it.

I am thankful for you, Miss K. I love you and pray that through your life others will come to know the one who gives and sustains life.

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  1. Miss K is just beautiful and what a testimony her life and laughter are! Thank you for sharing her life with us, Beth!



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