Monday, March 9, 2015

Week in Review 7 March

I know it is Monday and I am finally getting a chance to reflect on our week. We were at a conference all day Saturday and so my ritual of writing on Saturday morning didn't happen.

I made Green Eggs and Ham for breakfast. I had for some ham and just fried that and made scrambled eggs with spinach as my green.

Miss K enjoyed her breakfast. She sat and read the book while eating.

We made some cupcakes for our co-op that we put in the shape of the hat. It was a fun way to share with our friends.

One of the fun books that I have been using is Interactive 3-D Maps American History. We did the Settlements of Roanoke and Jamestown. It is nice to have something for the kids to do while I am reading. I need to think of all the things that the kids do while I read that keep them busy.

I know it is Monday evening and I am finishing this. It was a good week. Now to this week.

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