Saturday, March 14, 2015

Week in Review 13 March 2014

Look at how nice and neat the week was at the beginning. Look at how little I plan. I didn't take a photo at the end of the week. Some weeks there are all kinds of notes on the page -- books we read, scores of quizzes or tests, and other things. 

Look at this mess of cards on the table. J's challenge is to take the stack of cards and organise them. The goal it that it will help him remember his Latin. Some days I think it helps other days I am not so sure.

Look at Miss K doing some math with stickers. She had been working on addition and I was hoping that make stickers and the visual aspect would help. I am not sure but it was worth a try.

Look what J made -- it is another 3D map -- this time Roanoke and Jamestown.

He added a bit of green to his tree.

Look - we got our hands dirty and planted our "grow your own potatoes".

That was just a bit of our week.

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  1. I love the 3D map. I've been mulling over a 3D model of something we hope to do soon just not quite sure!

  2. I know what you mean about the neat planner getting full of notes. I love all the hands on stuff you do.

  3. I love your neat planner. I think you would cringe at mine - it is very messy, full of various sheets of paper along with cut outs, recipes, sticky name it, it has it somewhere in its covers! I'm not sure how useful it is for actual planning though!

  4. Just stopping by from weekly wrap up. I was considering growing our own potatoes, but I wasn't sure how hard it would be in containers



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