Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Five Things in the Kitchen

Five things I regularly use in the kitchen.

My Pyrex bowls - I love my Pyrex bowls. I have a set of primary bowls in storage and at times I miss them. I use these bowls for mixing and also for serving. My Public Service Announcement -- Hand wash Pyrex bowls -- please from all the collectors out there do not put them in the dishwasher.

The garlic press - This is a Zyliss garlic press. I use it quite a bit. If a recipe calls for one clove of garlic, I will probably add two or three. This makes it so easy to add garlic to a dish.

My ceramic knives - I might live in the stainless steel capital but I love my ceramic knives. I was introduced to these knives when I lived in Asia and that was before you could purchase them in the States. I stick with Kyocera brand knives. I have the first one I purchased and I am guessing that I have had it 15 years or so. It is dull but you only notice that after using the newer knives. These knives are amazing in the way they cut--tomatoes are so easy to cut. I have two nice sharp ones and one that I give to Miss K.

Yes, my green cutting board is used quite a bit as you can see from these photos.

The digital scale - I use this quite a bit. I use it to figure how much butter to a 1/2 cup or 1 cup. I used to ask Siri that quite a bit until I think she got tired of me asking and so now it is on a sticky note inside the cabinet. I have discovered that most of the recipes here are in weight so I will use my scale for that.

One more thing that I use on a regular basis - the coffee maker (insert a big happy smile while my mom is still trying to figure out how she has a child that loves coffee and hates coconut). I love being able to make one cup in the morning when I get up or as we are beginning school or when we are finished school or maybe a cup in the evening. No, I don't have it all those times every day just some of those times.

There you have Five Things in the kitchen that I use regularly. What are some of the things that you use regularly in your kitchen?

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