Thursday, March 19, 2015

Climbing the Walls

J loves to climb. He climbs trees and can get so high that people are nervous looking up at him. He will climb on the roof if we allowed it. The best thing for him is a climbing wall. One of the advantages of living near a national park with hiking and climbing areas is that there are climbing walls. 

J went a few weeks ago and enjoyed it. Then I found a Home Ed group that goes fortnightly. (Did you have to look up that word?) Here he is climbing the wall.

I learned some things about climbing. Basically you have to stick to one colour. So if you are doing green, you only use green.

He said that they timed him and it took him 40 seconds to get to the top. I don't this it was the climb that I video. The fun things home schooled kids do and we call PE.

There is a whole certification scheme. I am not sure if J is ready for that not so much climbing but the disciple and structure that requires. There are certain climbs that you need to do and some other requirements.

It takes quite a bit of upper body strength to climb as well as reaching and pushing yourself up. I don't know if I could do it but I do enjoy watching him.

So now he has something to climb that is a approved -- he has a harness so it is a bit safer then climbing to the top of a tree. It is not the walls at home.

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