Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Learning Day - Being Creative

We had planned to meet some friends and go to an amusement park but Miss K has been sick and J wasn't feeling that well himself. The weather was a bit cold not great for an amusement park so we stayed home.

I knew the kids would be excited to get out all our school books and have a normal schedule. I also thought it would be hard to have one day and then a two day break - J is going to build an English long bow. So I decided to do as unschool as I could possibly go. I called it a learning morning. The kids had two days of watching movies while they were sick and I knew that they needed some structure to the day.

Educational has come to mean a wide range of things in our house so I called it a learning morning. I said you decide what you want to do -- nothing electronic.

Miss K wanted to make a house. I got out the Houses and Homes book and we made a tent. We had some Sculpey that Grandma has given us and so then the kids decided to create with that. Yes, it does sound a bit like "If you give a Mouse a Cookie".

She wanted pink and the only pink we had was missing a corner but that was fine.

Then we got the animals out and found all the ones that belong in the ocean. It does look nice and colourful. I wrote all the names of the fish on paper but that was about as educational as we got with this exercise. I love the Toob animals thought I don't think my kids play with them as much as I wish they would.

Then the creativity with Sculpey began. It was hard but after a few minutes of kneading it the kids were able to create.

Miss K made a tank which I thought was clever. Okay it was a blob of clay with a toothpick. A giraffe, a ring and something else which I don't remember -- it must be modern art.

J made a chocolate donut, a dinosaur, an umbrella, and a mushroom. There isn't much different between an umbrella and a mushroom.

I think his creative effort was put into this one.

Then the suggestion was to play Jenga. I have to say that the kids both of them have Jenga skills. We built it as high as it could go.

I think it tumbled because someone bumped the table.

J had the idea of a drawing contest. I do not have much artistic ability but I was willing to draw along. The first theme was Sheep in the Field. Miss K's sheep had better ears than mine. My sheep's ears look like cat's ears.

Then we used pastels and drew a rain forest. J doesn't like pastels that much but I am glad that he tried working with them.

It was a fun morning of learning and creative. There were a few minutes of what do I do but I think we might need a few more days like this.

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