Monday, March 16, 2015

Five Things that Make me Smile in the Kitchen

I needed some inspiration for things to blog. It has been cold and grey so we are not going out for outings. We are doing the same thing day in and day out for school or at least that is what it seems like. I just feel like it is the same old. When I can't think of anything else to share, I will share Five Things. This time it is Five Things that make me smile in the kitchen.

The Pig - It is just known as "the pig". Put the pig on the table. Do you want the pig? The pig is a cutting board but don't use it as a cutting board through if you look you will see that at times it has been used as a cutting board. It was made by my grandfather.

The wooden plate and the chicken. The wooden plate was made by my father. I think I have one other bowl that he made but not that many pieces. The chicken is one that I found at a thrift store. The rooster is across the room. I remember deciding to buy them and putting them at the cash register while I was looking and someone else was interested. Yes, that made me want them just a bit more. They have some chips which give them character.

My vintage coffee can - It is another thrift store find. I love coffee and this is just great to hold the capsules for my Nesspresso. Yes, there is a theme of thrift store items that make me smile.

The blue and white bowl of fruit. This did not come from a thrift store but from Thailand. Years ago when I worked in Asia, I traveled to Thailand regularly and if I was there on a weekend I would often visit the weekend market and see what blue and white dishes I could buy. This is a very traditional Thai pattern and dish. It is usually full of fruit. I have some other dishes in storage.

There is a window leading to the utility room and up on the top I have space for some Menno art and some milk bottles from Hong Kong. Menno Shirk was a folk artist who lived near where I grew up. I think these are the only pieces that I have. I would love a few more (hint, hint) but I am not willing to pay eBay prices. This is an interesting collection -- a bit from where I grew up and a bit from Asia all mixed together.

There you have Five Things that make me smile in the kitchen.

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  1. I think we have the same taste in kitchen decor. Hope you are having a smooth, blessed week. Loved your list.



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