Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2015 Unfinished Projects

2015 is the year and not the number of unfinished projects. One of my goals for this year is to have less unfinished projects at the end of the year. These projects are generally sewing projects.  I went through my things and organised them into a box so I would know where they are and then work on them. I name them just for my own reference sometimes it comes from the fabric or maybe the pattern.

Box of unfinished projects

1. Walk in the Garden - Winner of the longest held unfinished project. This is a wall hanging/lap quilt that I began a long time ago. I remember working on it in my apartment in Taiwan before we were married. This might be the oldest unfinished project I have. I had seen it in a magazine and decided I could make it. That is true but could I finish it? As I look at it I can tell that it was one of my first quilts as the corners are not matched. I started hand quilting this because back in the days when I started this that was the way you did it. Machine quilting was not really considered quilting.

At this time I have just three corners to finish quilting and then sew the binding on. It is almost done. I might have a celebration when this is done and begin a new project.

January update - This was finished in January. Insert loud clapping and cheering.

2. Denim quilt - This is one that I began within the last five years after a few years of collecting/keeping old jeans. When I pulled it out to see what has been done, I realised that it really should not be difficult to finish. I started to machine quilt it but it needs to be pulled out because the machine was acting up and the tension was off. I have no idea what colour thread I used so I will just start over. It is all pinned and ready to go. I know the pins probably should not have sat in the quilt for all these years.

January update - I finished this as well. It is my new favourite quilt.

3. Sugar bag quilt - I wanted to make a quilt and include some old sugar bags that I had. I felt that to add to the look it needed to have vintage looking fabric. I think this needs some border added, then to be quilted, and binding.

4. PA Dutch Quilt - This was a block a month quilt. Every month I received the fabric and instructions to make a block. I did it the first month and then each month the envelope sat in the sewing area. I did a massive sew all the blocks month and put the quilt together. I had someone machine quilt it. Now all it needs is the binding which sounds easy except it is about a double size quilt.

I finished the binding on this in February. I am thrilled to have it finished.

5. Amish Spools - Years ago my mom had her laundry room decorated with wash day things. I made some cross stitch quilts to hang in there. Then I made some small pieced Amish or solid colour quilts for my own bathroom. I have no idea where those quilts are today but with the leftover scraps I made a nine patch lap quilt which I think is in storage and then I made a Spool quilt. Well, the spool quilt is here and needs to be quilted. That is on the project list. I can't decide if this one should be hand quilted or just do it on the sewing machine.

6. Good Night Moon - I love children's books. I used to collect children's books long before I had children. I think most of my collection is now in my children's rooms and they think of them as there books. I love fabric from books. We have two Hungry Caterpillar quilts. I have some Little Golden Book fabric and even Bernstein Bears fabric. I bought Good Night Moon fabric last year and pieced this quilt on a friend's machine when I was feeling deprived of my sewing machine. Now it needs to be finished.

7. Autumn table topper/runner - I know this is pieced and I even have matching backing fabric. I just need to quilt it and put binding on. It should be easy.

8. Le Petit - I think I named this after the fabric. This is deep in the box. It is pieced and needs to be quilted and then the binding on it.

9. Prayer Flag - This is one that is named after the fabric. I don't really like the name but have not bothered to rename it. This one I made a mistake in cutting and piecing it. I need to decide what to do. I might just need to finish it the way it is and call it good.

10. Give Thanks bunting - I found a cute idea and wanted to make it. I have this partly finished. I think I need to cut circles for the letters. Maybe this would be a good project to learn how to cut fabric with the Silhouette.

11. Jesse Tree Ornaments - I started cross stitching these years ago -- I remember working on them while we were in Ukraine. I pulled them out and realised I have about 18 finished so that is only 7 remaining. Then they need to be sewn up as ornaments. It would be great to have them finished for next year.

12. I Spy Quilt - I think this is the newest addition to the unfinished projects. I thought it would be a way to use up some of my fabric but I am afraid I have had to buy more fabric to finish it. Thankfully there are people that sell I spy squares so I didn't have to buy yards and yards to get the little fun things I want. I have 8 squares finished and based on the fabric I have I can make 8 more squares.

I finished the I Spy quilt. That was a lot of novelty prints. It is a fun quilt to have for the kids to look at.

Sorry I don't have photos of the other unfinished projects. I didn't want to disturb the box where they have been resting for the past year or years. I will try to keep you updated and show photos when they are finished.

Twelve Unfinished Projects - Can I finish one a month? Can I control my urge to start new projects? I could start a new one but I need to finish it so I don't add new things to the unfinished list. I am working to be intentional and finish these.

So tell me how many unfinished sewing/craft projects do you have? Please tell me I am not the only with unfinished projects.

2015 Projects

1. Summer House Quilt - I began this and have about 20 squares finished.

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  1. The last 2 sound very fun. I have MANY unfinished projects. Some should be dumped since sometime I stop when I don'y have the right supplies/etc. Your unfinished projects don't take up that much space. :)

  2. These sound like my knitting unfinished projects. The worst is a baby jacket that I started for a friend whose baby is now 25!

    1. I think that wins for the oldest unfinished project. I am guessing the quilt to be about 18 years old.



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