Friday, January 9, 2015

Decluttering and Organising

Maybe you are a bit like me and begin January with big goals of organising and decluttering. One of my goals for 2015 was to have less things at the end of the year so that means decluttering and also monitoring what comes into the house.

Decluttering does not help if you continue to bring things into the house. To help me track getting rid of things I have a list in my planner with categories and I mark down when I get rid of something. It might be by using it, selling it, or donating it. I also track what of those items I bring into the house either by buying it or by someone giving it to me. For me it is about having less things.

Here are a few resources that I have found that are helping me with this goal. I know it is only the 9th but so far I am following along and getting everything done.

Michele at Family, Faith, and Fridays has a 34 weeks of Clean. Each week she is giving an assignment of something that needs to be done.

The first week was easy -- Christmas decorations. I decluttered my decorations before moving and have just two boxes.

We don't have much storage space but we do have space under the steps and so that is where my boxes are stored along with the cooler, sport equipment, booster seat we don't use at this time. I put the boxes away but next time I will wait until the tree is down and the room cleaned as I found two animals that belong with the nativity sets.

I decluttered my Christmas cards by upcycling them into gift tags for next year. I will store them with the Christmas bags. It was a fun project with my paper cutter and punches. I don't buy gift tags as I either make them with paper and stamps or I upcycle them from cards.

I found a declutter calendar with assignments that take just 15 minutes a day at Home Storage Solutions 101. It is amazing what can happen in just 15 minutes a day. This started in the kitchen and I have not had too much to get rid of but I have cleaned those areas.

Hopefully these things will help me to have an organised and decluttered house by the end of the year.

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  1. I love the idea for reusing cards. I have a whole box of cards that I'm hesitant to throw out but that's a wonderful way to reuse them! Thanks!

  2. Beth, I am with Kemi...I LOVE the idea of using cards to make gift tags!!! What a great idea- thanks for sharing and for linking up! Hope to have you back next week!



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