Saturday, January 3, 2015

Week in Review - 2 January 2015

I am practicing writing 2015. I was teaching Miss K this morning that 2015 comes after 2014.

We took time off from school work. We had a dear friend visit for 13 days. I think we were all sad when she left. We enjoyed our time with her. We took her to London and then to York. I am glad that we were able to show her those parts of England. I had more things planned but the weather made it difficult.

We enjoyed our first Christmas here in England. I think going to church on Christmas Day and then walking home listening to the bells play Christmas carols was one of my highlights. One of the gifts that we received was a Swiss game called Brandi Dog. We played a few games and enjoyed it.

We celebrated the new year quietly and went to bed early partly because our friend was taking an early morning train to get to the airport.

Friday we were back to school. I added art first thing which actually worked nicely as that gave the children something to do while I read history. We read about Monet and then I asked them to copy a painting. J picked this one and I thought it was special as just the other week we crossed that bridge when we were in London.

Miss K found a blue uniform jumper and wanted to wear her uniform to school. I couldn't refuse that request. Then she wanted to do school on the floor. Why not.

We are continuing with Life Science and were reading about Creation and fossils. So we made some fossils. Good thing I had some salt left from the last time so we could just go do some. J told Miss K we were making fossils and she replied, "for dinner"? That made me laugh a bit.

That about wraps up our week. I am working to put Christmas decorations away.

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  1. Love the jumper. :) She'd fit in at our school.

  2. What an amazing opportunity to walk the bridge then recreate that art. I find uniforms so easy and wore one most of my life at school or work, calling pjs a homeschool uniform doesn't quite feel right. I like your daughter's uniform jumper request. And school on the floor, of course!



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