Wednesday, January 28, 2015


One of my goals for 2015 is to get out and do and see things here. I am feeling confident in driving so I feel like I can take the kids places. I have learned the trains so that is an option as well. I have stack of brochures of places to visit. On the list was the Museum of Science and Industry. We took the train and it was just a short walk from the station. It was windy and cold a bit more than I thought it would be.

As we walked in, we saw "Baby" which was the world's first stored-program. It doesn't take much to realise how far technology has come the last 70 years or so. It was first tested in 1948.

This was one of the textile places of the Industrial Revolution. There were a number of old machines there. Fabric printing is something that I have always enjoyed since my days of working in Asia and going to the fabric printing factories.

J has talked about wanting an old typewriter. He did find an electric one at the thrift store recently which we did buy. I remember my dad having one similar to this one. He told me I could use it but I had to learn to type. I think that was my first typing lessons. It was fun to see this. Remember how if you typed too fast the keys would get stuck?

There was an area that had some science and hands-on things. It is always interesting to see what things they might have. J was enjoying making music on the pipes.

Miss K is peddling a bicycle and the skeleton there is showing what bones are moving. She enjoyed that.

Gears make so many things easy including being able to raise and lower a mini. J did it.

There was a building with steam engines. It was fun to just watch the wheels turn and the engines work.

"Gutenberg prints the Bible" It is always fun when we see something that go with our CC Timeline cards. There was a printing press similar to Gutenberg's.

Miss K was excited to see Bob the Builder. I confess I didn't realise that Bob the Builder was British maybe because all that I have seen have been from the US and have the US accent. I did learn that it was dubbed using the US accent for there.

There were five buildings full of various displays of science and industry. There was an underground area where we could see parts of the underground including sewers. I realise how much things have changed even in my lifetime. I look at the old cell phones and realise I used to have one like that or the fax machine and remember how many faxes I sent my work days. 

One thing I have found is that most museums seem to have an area where you can eat your lunch that you bring. We generally pack our lunch. 

We enjoyed our day and made it back home before the snow. 
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