Friday, January 16, 2015

The Pantry

I think my response last week when I read that Michele had assigned the pantry as this week's area to clean and organise was something like "Not the pantry." I find it difficult to keep clean. I don't have a real pantry but rather cabinets where I store food.

I have a cabinet above the counter where I store spices and dry items. There are some cans there as well.

I went through my spices and got rid of some jars -- I had duplicates of some things. I then filled some of the containers with beans and organised the top shelf. I put a few jars in there with nuts and split peas. At least now I don't feel like things will fall out when you open the door. I did discover that I don't have that much tuna fish and sardines. I like to keep those on hand for lunches. That cabinet was relatively easy to do. I think I did it while fixing dinner one evening. I felt like I had accomplished something.

The next cabinets were going to be my challenge. These are two cabinets with tall shelves. I have added some wire shelves to give me extra room but it is still a challenge.

I might not look like it was organised and it might not last long but I did organise it. I also found some items in there that I will put on our meal list and get rid of.

I store onions, potatoes, and butternut squash under the sink. I have two bins and that works nicely.

I keep my fresh fruit in a big blue and white bowl on the counter. I love my blue and white bowls from Thailand. I think I bought this one of my girls shopping weekends years ago. These are great for piling all the fruit in. Every now and then we do get fruit that sits around too long. I cooked a few pears and an apple today and made pear sauce that the kids enjoyed. Miss K was asking for more.

As a bonus, I will share my refrigerator. I just opened the door and took a photo. Some days I dream of a big refrigerator but you know I made it through both Thanksgiving and Christmas with this refrigerator so I think I can do it. Some days it is a task to get things to all fit in. Some days I stuff it in, close the door and warn everyone to be careful when they open the door.

I made progress in the pantry. I took my photos before the grocery order for this week arrived. I will say knowing what I had made it easier to order things.

I really hope next week is an easy assignment. Something like under the bathroom sink or maybe hall closet.

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  1. Your spice cabinet looks wonderful. I store fresh fruit in a shallow dish on our counter, too.

  2. Wow, at your fridge! Here I am wishing I had a 2nd fridge in the garage for storing stuff for parties. Great job on the organizing.

  3. Ha- not easy yet, but more on the cleaning side next week! ;) You did a great job! Thanks bunches for linking up. I love seeing someone else using baskets!

  4. Your fridge looks more like a Japanese size. I love your bowls from Thailand, too! I have one from Japan for our bananas. Everything looks nice! Would you like to help me with my pantry?



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