Saturday, January 10, 2015

Week in Review 9 January 2015

This was our first week back after a break. My children need the structure and routine of school. I even heard my son say, "I am not taking a summer break." I hope he remembers that. I might need to remind him of that in the summer.

I feel behind at this point of the year and normally I don't feel that way. I know part of that is we didn't as much school in the summer and we took a three - four week break in October. I looked at the number of lessons that we have to finish and realised in some books we are going to need to work a bit faster. I know we don't need to finish the books but in some classes I really do want to/need to finish the books.

I am beginning a new link-up next week, Therapy Thursday. Come join sharing your ideas, resources, or just be accountable for doing therapy with your child.

I loved geography this week and I think the kids did as well. We are moving a lesson a week through Memoria Press Geography II and this week it was Taiwan, the Philippines, and Hong Kong. I added Macau. We can't study Taiwan without hearing Miss K say, "I born". Actually you can't even say the word without hearing that.

We talked just a bit about the handover of Hong Kong to China in 1997 and quickly began talking about all our favourite restaurants to eat there, the fun parks we enjoyed, the colour of the ferry, and other fun memories.

Studying places that you have visited and learned is always a fun way to study geography.

I decided that I have not been reading as many books aloud. We read history and Bible but we miss the fun books. I did Sunlight with J and have a number of those books as well as other books.  So I started reading Owls at Home. I will say that I miss the thrift stores in the US where I could get used books cheap. J is missing the fact that he gave away so many of his Hardy Boys books.

Money has been part of Miss K's math. Just 1 lesson is not enough for her to get it so we have been playing store each day as part of math. This day it was a snack store. Some days it is a stationary store. One sign that we are an international family we now have play money in three currencies -- US, UK, and Euros.

Miss K and J were making rice pudding. She called him big chef and herself little chef.

I have been working on one of my unfinished projects. This is a quilt that I began years ago. I had seen a photo in a magazine and decided I could make it. I think it has shipped across the Pacific twice and once across the Atlantic and it is time to finish it. I started hand quilting this because that was how you did back in the day when I began it. I am almost finished.

Miss K and I made some tissue paper flowers for decorations. I don't think I have ever made them but they were easy. It was a big of a challenge for her but we might have to do this every now and then just for the fine motor skills.

That about wraps up our week. We are having friends over this evening for Mexican food and then tomorrow J has another archery.

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  1. If you find a good charity shop you should be able to find some value used books. Charity shops vary so much. My rule of thumb is to go to a posh area and look there. We have also sometimes done well in library sales but it is difficult to predict when they will happen and sometimes there is nothing exciting. Fairs/jumble sales can also be fertile hunting ground!

  2. Looks like you are learning lots of fun things!

  3. I think I can probably help you with this, especially if you can't find a thrift store. I wouldn't mind shipping some paperback books to you, and then you can ship them back when you are done. We will cover the postage for shipping to you. I will ensure them. What kind of literature does he like? We have all of Sonlight Core F, and quite an array of single books as well. Let me get a list to you. They are just sitting on the shelves here and my Mary won't be ready for them in the next year or two, depending on how it goes with the dyslexia. Let me know what you think. This would be cheaper than buying on Amazon used, I would think?

  4. I am so excited for Therapy Thursday! A lot of my homeschooling has therapy in it! I loved your math lesson!



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