Saturday, January 24, 2015

Week in Review - 24 January 2015

It is Saturday afternoon. We made it through the week. Now I am trying to remember what we did.

Monday - I think it was a normal school day. I could pull out the plan book and see what we did but I will go with it was a normal school day.

Tuesday I go to Bible study and the kids take some work along with them. Since there are four HE mums that go to Bible study we decided to get together in the afternoon for a bit of a co-op. There are 17 kids all together so we have a nice little group. We all watch a French documentary hoping to improve our French. Then we break up into older and younger -- I am doing come composer study with the older all boys and the youngers are doing some geography. I am thankful for friends here and the opportunity to do this. I hope it is an encouragement to the other mums.

Wednesday we woke up to snow and so doing school was difficult when the hill was calling out to go sledging. That word still sounds funny to me but we got our sledges and went sledging after doing a bit of school.

Thursday began with a rough start as one child was not feeling well and I think also stayed up too late reading. It was one of those mornings that I needed God's strength. I made it through the morning and was exhausted that afternoon.

Friday morning started a bit better than Thursday but not the best. I continue to look for strength for each day and each moment of the day. We made it through the week. The snow and ice were on the football field so there was no football. My husband arrived home at dinner time and then it was a meeting for the new Bible study beginning in 2 weeks.

God is faithful and I made it through the week. I don't have many photos. That is my week.

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  1. "I continue to look for strength for each day and each moment of the day."

    This sentence describes my life. I think it is a blessing to have to live like least I keep reminding myself of that fact.

    Prayers going out for a restful Sunday and Saturday night, and a smoother week next week.



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