Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tools for Therapy at Home

I thought I would share some of the resources and places that I have found things for therapy. It is helpful to have various things that help as we work to help our children to reach their potential.

1. Make it yourself - Depending on how creative you are you can make various things for use with therapy. It can be as simple as cutting out photos from magazines for speech or sewing beanbags or other things. So when you see an idea for therapy, consider if you can make it yourself.

2. Thrift stores - I have found all kinds of things in thrift stores. It will not necessarily be marked "therapy" but consider how you can use it for therapy. I found the Bungee Jumper there as well as games such as Topple and Perfection.

3. Birthday and Christmas gifts - some therapy items are fun and giving some items for gifts might be a way to stretch the therapy money. Miss K has received some items for birthday and Christmas gifts.

4. Buying online - sign up for sale notification with various therapy stores and when things are on sale and you have the funds buy some things. I bought a number of speech things from Super Duper when their kits were on sale.

Where are some of your favourite place to get therapy items?


1 comment:

  1. Great suggestions! We have utilized all of these ideas to get "therapy" tools in our house. When S was younger, his therapists were very good about using everyday toys as therapy tools. They provided us with some great suggestions. There are very few things that don't have some kind of therapy benefit. Sounds like Miss K is in great hands!



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