Saturday, July 17, 2010


A few years ago, I came here with a wonderful friend and one of the places that we ate at was Annie's. We decided to go there last night and I think we wish we had gone there a few more times as the food was delicious and the price reasonable.

One of the fun things for the kids was they go to make a free pizza. The waitress told us that they could make a free pizza and I said, "excuse me." I wasn't sure I understood. Yes, it was a free pizza. Not big but fun for them. They brought a plate with dough and flour for each and then some sauce and cheese.

After they made the pizzas and were baked, the kids were able to enjoy them.

Annie's is a wonderful place and in some ways we wished we had gone there more or at least instead of the expensive meal we had at TGIFridays.

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