Thursday, July 8, 2010

Things we don't see at home

That was the assignment that I gave J the other day. He had a meltdown and some of what was happening was he was missing home and ready to go home. He and I went for dinner which sounds so nice until you realize it was meal #7863 at McDonald's. Okay, that is not really true but it seemed that way. We then went for a walk to talk about what had happened and I told him to look for things that we would not see at home.

The horse drawn cart selling fruit. We have seen the horses come down our street a few times. They go to the intersection where they sell.

The people bridges. This is for people to cross the road but also some people will set up their wares there to sell.

There is one thing that we still need to take a picture of and that is McDonald's delivery. J mentioned that McDonald's doesn't have a drive-thru but we realized that at home we don't have McDonald's delivery.

1 comment:

  1. If you have been to Bob Jones you have seen a people bridge. We miss seeing you here.



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