Saturday, July 31, 2010

Reason # 3,872

why my family is unique. I used the word unique because we are not strange or weird or even different. We are unique.

Mama: Meimei, lei lei - in Chinese means "Miss K come here.

Two seconds later as she starts to grab something.

Mama: "Nyet" Russian for "no".

One of our first days in China.

Daddy in English: "It is so good to be back here and speaking Chinese."

finishes that sentence and Miss K does something to which daddy says "Nyet."

Yep, speaking Chinese Russian in China.

Since we are on reason #3872 and dealing with the languages spoken here. I will add this story. The other day someone asked Master J in French if he speaks French. He said "no" and the other kids sitting there asked him what was said and he translates, "she asked me if I speak French" He did understand what she said. There might be more French in his brain then I realize.

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