Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Things around town

We made it to the capital city and were glad to be settled in one place for some time.The primary purpose of our trip was here. I have been busy teaching. It has been daddy and kids time and I have fit some things in when I have time.

Daddy took the kids to the zoo.

I asked Miss K where she went. She said, "zoo".

I asked her what she saw. She said, "panda". Then later she told me "tiger, dog". Interesting that neither daddy nor J saw those.

We had a rainy afternoon and so we  headed to the science museum. It was good considering where we are.

I took the kids to the Forbidden City. 3 years ago we took Miss K in the stroller and let's just say the Forbidden City was not built for strollers. I had her walk most of the time this year. I did bribe her with ice cream if she walked.

It has been fun to hear what the kids especially J has been learning on this trip. It really has been educational for him.

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